My book has become one of my most treasured possessions. This would be at the top of list as something I would want to retrieve if my house were on fire! Diana is a consummate professional and seems to have an innate ability of capturing the soul of animals and the joy they bring us. Thank you Diana, for this most beautiful work.

~  James and Blanca

James and Blanca
Leviant family and Cookie Bites

It was a truly unforgettable experience working with Diana and seeing how she touched our family with her work and her interactions with us. My wife, daughter and I did not have a dry eye between us when the book was completed and presented to us.  It is truly a work of art, which we keep in the heart of our home and memories.

~  Leviant family and Cookie Bites

Ollie loves you - you tune into her little soul and you take pictures, and I see the same loving little dog in the photo that I see when I am with her.  What I also see is a glimpse of our - hers and my - relationship.  At a soul level. And when I look at the big photo on the wall of her running on the beach, I see my girl enjoying one of her favorite things, I see one of my favorite places, and I see all three of us - you, me and Ollie, even though you and I are not in the photo.  How do you do that?  By being who you are, doing the work that you do and loving what you love.

This is the truth. We love you.

~  Pamela with Ollie

Pamela with Ollie
Mike and Mary the turtle

Diana's photographs are soul soothing in the clarity of their intimacy. They ring true.
Diana has a gift that is central to her being, she captures the essence of belonging.

~  Mike and Mary the turtle

I am thrilled with my LoveStory Book! The photographs are beautiful and capture Coco’s wisdom, warmth and playfulness. I also love the narrative. It reveals an even deeper understanding of Coco and I as individuals and of our extraordinary relationship. While I was a bit apprehensive about the photo shoot, it became easy to relax and just let the experience unfold. Diana and her assistant were amazingly present and invisible at the same time, and she made the camera disappear, allowing Coco and I to just be ourselves.
The photo sessions allowed me to be with Coco in an extremely intimate way; it even brought us even closer together…and we’re pretty close to begin with! We so often take our pets for granted. If you have a special dog, don’t wait. Reach out to Diana and engage her to create a book from your dog to you. You’ll be startled and amazed!

~  Richard and Coco

Richard and Coco
Perry Family and Sophie and Walter

I was lucky enough to commission a book from Diana before my beloved Sophie passed away. The book truly commemorates Sophie’s irreplaceable spot in our family. I am so grateful to have this treasured keepsake. Diana is so talented at finding and revealing the subtle layers in our relationship with our animals. She captures the organic and truthful moments. I love my book!

~  Perry Family and Sophie and Walter

Diana was able to understand each of us intuitively, humans and animals. She really captured how much love and joy we all have for one another. Everyone had a wonderful day during the making of our book. We all remember it really well as a profound and very happy experience, especially for my kids. They were able to share with Diana how deeply they really feel for these creatures in their lives. They brought the book to school to show all their friends. The story itself was completely magical. The way Diana was able to articulate the thoughts and feelings of our dogs and cats towards one another other was really humorous and amazing. The story stands on its own as a work of literature. This experience is far more than getting beautiful images of your family. What you get is a real understanding of what is behind the photographs, beautifully and poetically expressed.

~  Lehman Family and Willow, Penny, and Major

Lehman Family and Willow, Penny, and Major
man in cap with dog

My experience of our photo shoot with Lucia was very much like what my spiritual friends and I used to call "walking meditation."  Diana created a safe, peaceful space where my dog, Lucia and I had a Zen moment of stillness during the shoot. And then experienced this moment of being drawn up into the camera. We were able to be totally ourselves because of the safe environment that YOU created. That is why the book came out so well!! Your vibration! We just followed suit. Working with Diana was such an enjoyable experience!

~ Murray and Lucia

Thank you for my book, Heaven on Earth, Diana! I could never have imagined a more elegant rendering of my relationship with my Hun and Po, layer by layer. The entire process of making Heaven on Earth was so collaborative; it bore witness to us. Your thorough, yet delicate attention made us feel less like we were doing a photoshoot, and more like we were spending the afternoon with a good friend.

I love how my finished book, its images textured with poetic phrases ripe with meaning, forges an accurate depiction of the geometry of us. In sharing this book with family and friends, I can now share the shape of my life as it is with my animals, in all its depth.

With Love and Gratitude,

~  Adina, Po and Hun

Adina, Po and Hun
Murray and Lucia

Thank you for a wonderful experience with Ryder. Working with Diana was magical. Ryder knew it was a photo shoot about him and was happy to comply with any instruction that Diana had. We had a beautiful time together. We shall always cherish the experience and the book. With each passing year, I cherish our book even more. All my family and friends have felt the same deep emotion when reading it. The book is so beautiful and it lives on my coffee table for my friends to enjoy.

~  Karla and Ryder

I thank Diana for coming and spending the afternoon at our home, photo documenting our family and talking with all of us. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my relationship with our beloved elder dog, Crilly. The information & wisdom Diana shared has allowed me to view Crilly and our relationship differently. I feel lighter and more joyful around her current life station, more present to her happiness & less worried about the time we still have with her as she lives out her life. I can’t wait to see the book!

~  Conetta Family and Buster, Bailey, and Crilly

Conetta Family and Buster, Bailey, and Crilly
Nicole and Chance

Diana was wonderful to shoot with. Her understanding of dogs and ability to capture them in full character is amazing.  It’s a fun and easy experience as Diana and her staff are pros, so it’s a smooth process that the pet and owner can just plain enjoy. Receiving the book was very special.  The photos were beautiful and the design was very high end.  Diana truly has a gift in putting this together so superbly.

~  Nicole and Chance